Gourmets are waiting for your dishes

Go in kitchen!!

Registration step

We will describe here the steps to register with Stripe our payment platform. When Gourmet buy your food, Stripe automatically takes care of sending you the funds.

For this an inscription is necessary.

Stripe will become your best friend.

Once connected, in your menu go to "Add Bank Account"

Then simply fill out the form. In the field "Company website" enter the URL of one of your social networks. If you do not have one, enter


Continue filling out the form. The fields "Optional" as indicated are not mandatory.


"Company Address" is your address. Do not forget, YOU build your business

The name you want to appear when paying by your customers.

Your RIB to collect your payments.


Stripe will pay your funds 2-3 times a week.

Register your account. It is done! You are ready to sell your dishes.