Order your dishes in one click and enjoy specialities prepared with the greatest attention. "Order is simple and intuitive.

One click, one order 

Follow your Cooker 

Many Cookers around you

No matter the flavors you are looking for, there will always be a Cooker close to you. Whatever you want, the app will propose you Cookers to satisfy you. Up to you to make your choice.

Homemade dishes, unique flavors for each meal. Let yourself be seduced by feasts prepared with attention and enthusiasm. Yours Cooker know all the secrets and recipes of their specialities.

Dare and become Gourmet

Once your order, you will able to follow the preparation of your meal. The photo of your Cooker will be displayed as well as its note and comments. Do not hesitate to give your feedback during the delivery of your order.

Open your taste to new flavors

Specialities from around the world are on Cook4

Chicken pastilla

Moroccan speciality

You are already a Gourmet

"My job did not allow me to eat what I wanted. I often had to lunch around my appointment places. Now it's different with Cook4: I can eat African food on Mondays, italian on tuesday, oriental on wednesday wherever I am."

"I'm not a professional athlete, but I like to keep fit, my weakness was the meals, and it was an nightmare to prepare  healthy meals. Cook4 changed my eating habits thanks to the health food Cookers on the app, now I order healthy dishes and feel better."

"Judith's birthday was the day of our return from holidays. Since India, impossible to plan anything. With Cook4 I was able to order her customized cake for a very specific time. We've been able to celebrate her birthday even before unpacking our luggage. She absolutely didn't expect it. We gave the maximum note to our Cooker."

Cook4 it's also healthy dishes.

Many health food Cookers are already registered on Cook4. Whatever the goal is, sport or dietary, there will always be a Cooker close to you to deliver a healthy meal.


Complete your training with a healthy food. Join the Cook4 community by downloading the app and order your dishes now





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